About Olympic Escrow, Inc.

 Olympic Escrow, Inc. was established in  September 1999. We are located in historic downtown Arlington. Our  service area includes not only Arlington and Smokey Point but  the neighboring communities of Marysville, Silvana, Lakewood, Stanwood,  Camano Island and the Skagit Valley.  We can assist with closing your  real estate transactions anywhere in the state of Washington. We have  the expert knowledge and experience to help lessen the stress. We pride  ourselves in customer service and going above and beyond the standard.  Olympic Escrow, Inc. has a warm, welcoming office atmosphere with a  hometown feel. We want to get to know you and your client. We  value the relationship and look forward to building a solid foundation  with each person that comes through our door.  Please feel free to stop  in and meet us. The coffee is always on and the conversation is always  welcome.  

About Us

Lisa Cisneros

 Lisa joined Olympic Escrow, Inc. in February 2015 as a Limited Practice  Officer. She has a background in banking, mortgage lending, both  processing and originating, and escrow. Lisa has a wide base of  knowledge in all escrow transactions, from vacant land to mobile home  sales and commercial transactions to residential. She takes on each  transaction with enthusiasm and zest, finding enjoyment out of helping  to make the impossible, possible. Lisa is the President of Olympic  Escrow, Inc. Her goal is to make people feel very welcome in the office  and confident that their transaction will be handled professionally.

Lisa  has lived in Arlington since 2008. She is married and has 4 children  and 3 grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with her family,  traveling, camping, fishing, loving on puppies and on occasion, dancing.  Lisa and her family raise, breed and show great danes. 

Rachel Moyer

 Rachel joined Olympic Escrow, Inc. and Olympic Note Servicing in April  2016 as our office assistant. Rachel’s background is in the medical  field, construction and human resources. She understands customer  service, privacy and work ethic.

Rachel has lived in Snohomish  county for over 20 years and in Arlington since 2010. She has 2 kids in  the Arlington school district and enjoys the love of community and the  small town feel of Arlington.  Rachel enjoys baking, boating, traveling  and spending time with her fiancé and children in her off time.  


Meghan joined Olympic Note Servicing (a division of Olympic Escrow,  Inc.) in October 2015 as our Note Servicing Specialist. She handled the  note servicing and payment collection center for our private contract  clients, until we partnered with Evergreen Note Servicing. Since July  2016, Meghan joined the escrow team as an office assistant. Her customer  service and work ethic shine through. Meghan prides herself on  accomplishing every task that presents itself, in a timely manner. She  worked in the insurance industry before attending cosmetology school and  graduating from a Paul Mitchell sponsored school in 2010.

Meghan  grew up in Arlington, attended local schools, and graduated from  Arlington High School in 2002.  She is married and has 2 children. In  her free time, Meghan enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with  her family.