Whether  you are a real estate agent, private investor, note broker, attorney,  accountant, or real estate company, we offer complete servicing to meet  all your needs.  Olympic Note Servicing has partnered with Evergreen  Note Services to offer our clients the most comprehensive suite of  services available in the note servicing industry while complying with  the complex industry regulations.  Contact us today for more  information.  

From simple to complex and everything in between... each transaction is unique so here's what Evergreen Note Servicing is providing for your private loan servicing:

  • Customized servicing agreements for individual seller loan servicing or large contract collections
  • Automated  bank collections directly from borrower's bank account
  • Payment coupons
  • Up-to date payment history reports
  • Disbursements to multiple parties with direct deposit to lender's bank account
  • Annual I.R.S. tax interest forms 1099 & 1098
  • Payoff statements and document holding services
  • Automatic assessment of late fees
  • Bi-weekly loan servicing option
  • And much more on-line services